Friday, October 3, 2008

One Year Ago

A year ago, on a Friday, our little guy joined the world! I cannot believe it's been a year already. Time has gone way too fast!
Rylan isn't walking yet. He cruises around all the furniture and climbs on anything he can get up on. He's even pushed a few items near other items so he can climb higher! He loves being outside. He loves to crawl to the front door and look outside. He loves the park and being in the swing. He'd be content to be in there all day and watch the other kids run around. He is starting to listen and follow a few directions. He knows what No means but still loves to ignore me when I say it. Typical kid!!! He likes to swim and be in water. He is very good at sharing right now. He likes to hand you something and then have you hand it back. He also just loves when people wear hats and he can take them off. It tickles his funny bone! He has just recently started dancing. He does a monkey dance that is hilarious...he does it standing, kneeling, sitting in his high chair!!!
He has 6 teeth and will have another one or two any day! He is right around 30 pounds. He's pretty tall for his age. He is in some 18month clothing but mostly 24month or 2T clothes!!!
He still isn't a great napper or sleeper. Not sure why but I'm ready for him to be in his crib all nite long!
We are having his birthday party tomorrow! The theme is Thomas the Train. After the cake and presents we are going to the waterpark. Should be a good time.