Wednesday, December 3, 2008

exciting news

well we are excepting another little one again! due date is july 13th but i will be induced at 38 weeks unless this one comes earlier.
had my first appt yesterday and got to see the baby and his/her heartbeat. was going nice and strong! definitely helps to see that. our dr this time around is josh deere. justin moved back to montana to be near his kids. kinda sad!
i was feeling fine until a few days ago and now i feel like crap but it's good that i'm finally feeling something. i'm tired but that's cuz the little guy is a crazy boy and is all over the place.
rylan is now walking almost running. he loves to climb and be a boy. he loves to dump all his toys out and pull out the books on his bookshelf. our living room daily looks like a tornado. haha! he has started trying to put his socks and shoes on. he follows most directions pretty well. he knows where his nose is and we're working on the rest of the body parts. he loves to dance and has started singing along with me or the tv. it's very funny. he loves to put stuff on his head (like buckets) and crawl or walk around with it on and then crashes into stuff and laughs. he is a very smart boy and will be talking up a storm in intelligible words very soon.