Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Photo Album Links

I have put a link on the right side to a photo album of Rylan and one of Maren. As I get more pictures of Rylan downloaded I will add them to the photo album.

Monday, October 22, 2007

2 Week Checkup

Sir Rylan had his 2 week checkup today. He is now 8lbs 2oz. He is also half and inch longer. He is growing right on track. Everything is looking really good with him so he doesn't have to go back in until he is 2 months old. Yeah!
Rylan had his first big boy bath tonite (submerged in the water) and he liked it. He wasn't too sure at first but once I started washing him he didn't mind it at all. He just layed there and enjoyed it. Nathan got it on video.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pics of Rylan

Rylan's Birth Picture

Rylan - Grumpy Picture (Daddy's favorite)

Rylan and Mom (1 day old)

Rylan & Dad (3 days old)

Rylan in his glider chair (6 days old)

Rylan Nathan Scott is here!

Rylan decided that he wanted to join the world on Friday, October 5, 2007.
I called my mom about 4am and told her it was time to head to the hospital. I called Nathan and told him that I was headed to the hospital. He was in Parshall working. He asked me if it was the "real thing". I let him know that I wasn't sure. So the plan was he would wait until I chatted with my dr to decide if he would come home or not. I finally talked to my dr about 7am and was told that I was definitely in real labor and would be staying in the hospital. Called Nathan and he left a little after 7.
Things progressed well throughout the morning. I wasn't sure about getting an epidural or not (since I had taken my last blood thinner shot at 6:30pm the nite before and there needed to be a 12 hour window at the very least). But i was 7 cm dilated and didn't have too much more time to decide so about 10 I got the epidural. It was good one...I could still feel everything but the edge was taken off the strong contractions.
My water had broken but there was a little sac that stil needed to be broken. The dr waited as long as he could to break it to give Nathan a little more time to get home. He broke it about 10:50. Nathan got to the hospital about 11:30.
About 12:10 or so I told the nurse I had to push. Of course, I had to wait since the room wasn't ready yet. Finally everything was set and I was given the go ahead. 3 minutes later, at 12:27pm, Rylan was born. It was a very easy, quick labor.
Rylan didn't really cry, he more or less wimpered and grunted. I did get to hold him right away. It was the most amazing moment in the world. Our little guy was finally with us. The nurse had to take him to get him to cry but Rylan wasn't cooperating. He didn't let out a full cry, even when he got his Vitamin K shot. He was having trouble regulating his body temp so he had to be put under a warmer to get his temp up.
Since he was born 25 days early, he was considered a level 3 baby...not sick enough to have to be in the NICU but also not a "normal" baby. Because of that status, a NICU nurse checked on him every 3-4 hours Friday and Saturday. His only trouble was a little bit of grunting to breath the first day and then being able to regulate his own body temp, which is very normal in preemies.
We were all well enough to come home Sunday afternoon. It was just wonderful to get him home. It still hasn't fully sunk in yet that he is ours and is at home.
He is a very handsome boy. He has blonde hair and absolutely gorgeous dark blue eyes. I hope he keeps that eye color. He is still pretty sleepy and is hard to wake up but that phase will pass soon I've been told. He is a thumb sucker. It's cute how he sucks it. I'll have to get a pic of him sucking his thumb posted. He is already trying to hold his head up and when he is awake he just looks at everything he can. He is almost constantly moving, just like he was in the womb. He is definitely going to keep us on our toes. :)
He is a very content, happy baby. He rarely cries. He doesn't mind getting his diaper changed at all and actually likes getting a bath, especially getting his hair washed. When he is hungry he just makes a few noises, licks his lips, and tries to eat his thumb or a blanket or whatever is nearest his mouth. He is very patient.
We are just so blessed to have him here. We are definitely cherishing every moment we have with him. We know his big sister is watching over him all the time. She would have been loving him to pieces if she were here. Rylan and Maren look just alike, which is hard yet it's not...very hard to explain.
I will post pics as soon as I figure out how to do it! :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

First Post and a Welcome

Hi there!
This is the first post, should have started this blog a long time ago but I didn't so I figured I should start now. Afterall, sir Rylan is almost here and I will need a place to put pics on so family can see him.
It is October 3rd today. Rylan is being active and making me nice and uncomfortable. I am hoping that he will decide to join the world very, very, very soon but I'm sure he will hold out until the 14th. I have become very impatient and anxious and worried. I can't wait to meet the little guy and am trying to just focus on the positive instead of the what if's. I think that he is going to look just like his older sister, therefore his dad. He does have my nose in the ultrasound pics but I think the rest of him is Nathan all the way. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
It's very hard to move around. He is very low and has made me one of the best waddlers ever. Hahaha! It's pretty funny to watch me try to get out of bed or stand up from a seated position. I feel like I'm clumsy and a big oaf.
Nathan is still out working on the rig. He will be home either when Rylan decides to come or as soon as the rig is finished. I'm hoping for the first option. He is getting excited. He is going to be a great dad and it's going to be so fun to watch him and his son together. I'll bet that Rylan's first words are going to be rock and fish. Haha!
I can't wait to teach him all about the world. We are also going to do sign language with him so I'm reading up on that currently so when Rylan is ready for it, I will sort of know what I am doing. :) I also can't wait to dress him up in a Broncos outfit and watch a game with him. I sure hope he likes the Broncos!!!
Well that is enough for the first post. I'll update when I have anything to say or just decide I want to write.
Have a great day!