Monday, January 19, 2009

Poor Kiddo

So Rylan all of a sudden got sick this weekend with coughing, wheezing, hard time breathing, and runny nose. Took him to the dr today and he is treating Rylan as if he has pneumonia again. So the little guy is on amox for 10 days and nebs for 2 days but if the nebs are helping, then he will be on them for longer. Rylan has wheezing in his chest and upper airway and the dr couldn't distinguish it from one another. The dr didn't do an xray since Rylan has a history of pneumonia, rsv, and lots of wheezing and coughin.
If we have to take him in again for wheezing, he will be put on a med like pulmecort. The poor kiddo can't get a break from being sick. Hope the summer gets here soon!!!
And he was still 30lbs 4oz and his height was just a little over 33" (so those are pretty much the same as at his 15 month checkup).

I have an appt next wed (28th). I'll be 16w2d and hopefully we'll be able to tell on the u/s what we are having. I'm excited. Nathan and I both put the same girls name on our list last week but cannot agree on a boys name at all so I'm thinking we'll be having another boy! :)