Sunday, May 24, 2009

Quick Update

Went to the dr on Friday. Did another NST and baby girl was not cooperating...had to be on it for 45 min in order for the dr to sign off on it. I did have a couple contractions during the test so dr decided to keep me on the terbutaline until I see him on June 1 (he is gone next week so I will see a different dr).
We decided to not do the FFN test b/c it would cause more worry and stress if it did come back positive and if baby girl decides to come, she will regardless of the result of the test. So I'm just taking it as easy as I can. The meds haven't completely stopped the contractions but they aren't regular at all. Just a few and then a few hours off and then a few more and so on.
33wks tomorrow so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another 3 weeks at least before she comes. I'm guessing that once I stop the meds, she will be here within a day or two. Good thing she's measuring on the big side.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! Give your loved ones a big hug and remeber those no longer with us. Missing sweet Maren!