Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New pictures

I have finally gotten around to adding new photos to Rylan's photo album. They are towards the bottom.
He started going to daycare on Monday. He seems to be doing just fine. The ladies there are great and love him. They make me feel really comfortable leaving him there. It's hard to say goodbye but I go feed him lunch so that really helps. There are 2 other babies that are the same age, within a day or two so that is awesome.
He has made friends with the deer head we have on the wall. He loves to look at it but the other day he smiled at it and was talking to it. It's really cute. And when we sit on the couch to eat, he has to look up and see the deer and then he keeps his eye on it the whole time he is eating. Haha! Silly kid.
He is 2 months old today. He is getting so big. Probably well over 13 pounds. He has shots on Friday so we'll know for sure then.

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