Friday, February 13, 2009


Nathan and I went to Maren's grave today to put some valentine's decorations there and pink flowers. There was a dead bird frozen right next to her vase. It was a small black bird with a very pointy beak. The same kind of bird that is living right near Ricky's place. It's too cold for birds but yet these one and some pigeons live near our place and one happened to get to the cemetary and pick Maren's grave for a place to rest and subsequently die.
In an odd way, it gave me comfort. I know it sounds bizarre and it is but... She is buried right next to a bush and there are trees nearby so the bird should have naturally gone to the bush or tree but for whatever reason it choose Maren. It was like it was a place of comfort for him to be. I'm sure she looked after him and comforted him til he died.

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<3 Maren <3