Friday, March 27, 2009

Mr. Tornado

So on Wed. nite Rylan was playing with the couch cushions, which I do NOT like him doing but it's hard to stop a tornado. So around 6pm he decided to fling himself backwards and nailed his head on the coffee table. Right away he had a bump and a bruise. We sat quietly on the couch reading books and at about 6:45pm he puked all over himself and I.
I called the dr. immediately and he said to keep a close eye on him and if he puked again to go in immediately. So my mom came over and gave him a bath. He cried when getting in and he usually loves the bath. I put him to bed about 8:30. He has seemed fairly normal. He was super tired from being up at 6am and only taking a 15 min nap so it was hard to know what was from tiredness and what was from his head hurting.
I posted on facebook and Christy (nathan's stepmom) called and we chatted and thought it would be good to go in but it was atough decision. So I talked to my mom and she wasn't sure but said to try calling the ER and see what they said. So I called and was told to bring him in right away since he did puke.
So about 10pm we get there. It was looney bin nite!!! We finally talked to a dr a little bit before 1am. She checked him out and he was looking good. We talked about concussions and what to look for. We talked about doing a CT scan but I opted to not have one done at that time. They dr said he most likely has a concussion, as it's much easier for a kiddo to get one than an adult.
He seems to be doing just fine. He has had no more puking and is back to being a tornado and a daredevil.

Looney bin nite at the ER: a lady comes in and I swear she was coming down off a drug high...shaking terribly, puking, moaning, swearing like a sailor. Then a man comes in with no visible injury or illness and was pacing in the lobby saying the same phrase over and over that consisted of 2 swear words and "the".
When we get back to the room to wait for the dr., we were in a room with 3 other people. One of the people was the "drug" lady and it turns out she was having a migraine. She was AWFUL! She moaned loud with every single breath and was swearing loudly. I understand how much pain she was in but it was ridiculous and was scaring Rylan. Then another lady in there was moaning every 30 seconds or so and about once a minute she would yell "sh*t, nurse". It was just awful. Poor Rylan didn't have a clue what was going on. He was by far the best behaved person in that room.
Then right before we were leaving some guy was in the halls, yelling "I want Sophie. Where is Sophie?" When we left there were 3 cop cars outside so I'm guessing the Sophie guy was drunk and was escorted to the ER.
I have never been soooo glad in my life to be home.

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Ter said...

man I hate ER's but I'm glad Rylan's ok. :)