Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rylan's 1st Haircut

Rylan finally had his first haircut on Tuesday, St Patty's Day, at age 17.5 months. It wasn't super long but was getting wild. He has curls in the back that are so cute and I didn't want to cut them off but he still has curls after his cut.
He did really well. He didn't scream or cry. The only thing that really bugged him was the water squirts but after a few he didn't even care about those anymore. Carol, the hair dresser, gave him a few hairclip things to play with and he loved that...something new. He was kind of squirmy at first but calmed after just a little while.
He loved all the mirrors and gave himself many big smiles. :) He is such a ham.
There are pics in the link on the right.

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Ter said...

:) I saw the pics so cute. :)