Monday, April 20, 2009

Mr. Destructo now

So last nite Rylan was in the kitchen. He was pushing on one of the chairs and pushed it over and it BROKE! He looked at me with utter shock and was ready to cry. I was laughing so thankfully he did too. Crazy kiddo!
Nathan thinks he'll be able to fix it with some sanding down of parts and some glue. We'll see. If not, it's the kids' future craft table so they'll have to deal with only having three chairs for it. Hahaha!
Rylan loves to push things over. Guess it starts early with boys having to show off their strength. Lol! Just hope his little sister doesn't get that from him.


Ter said...

I love your new bloggy background. Perfect for your little monkey. :)

That's so funny about the chair. I think Tornado/Destructo are perfect names for him, why did you call him Rylan again? lol ;)

Sarah said...

lol! not sure why. haha!

i saw that background and HAD to get it. i LOVE monkey's so it's perfect!