Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update on baby girl

Had a checkup today and all is looking well. Baby girl is nice and active. Dr. Greek did check her heart on the u/s and said it looked perfect. There are no holes, all septums and there and just fine. We could even see the valves working away. What a relief. She was also swallowing and filled her little tummy up with fluid. Her eyelid was fluttering too. And she is still a girl!!! :)

I've been having bh contractions every day for the last few weeks but the dr checked and they have done nothing at all. Baby girl is locked away, tight. Yay!

We have a named picked out but Nathan won't let me make it offical yet. He still thinks it's too early. Hoping he'll let me make it official soon. Afterall, she does have a dresser full of clothes so she should have an official name too. :)

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Ter said...

(can I get a sneak preview of her name!?! Email me! )

I'm so excited for you (sad for me too) and I hope all will work out and I *WILL* learn to drive on the highway without falling asleep so I can come hang out with you once in a while.