Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby Girl update

Went in on Monday for my 32 wk checkup. Crazy how fast time has gone! Anyhoo, things were looking good, baby was nice and active, passed the NST with flying colors, and even gave doc a few good kicks. :)
Tuesday nite around midnite I started having contractions, which isn't unusual as I have them every day and more when I lay down for the nite. But this time they didn't stop. They were 5-10 min apart for a few hours, then 10-15 for a few, then back to 5-10, etc. They were painful and in my back mostly. Couldn't do anything to get them to stop or reduce the pain level. There were also other things going on but I'll spare you the details. :)
Went in to see my dr in the morning. No dilation but about 50% effaced. Baby girl is about as low as she can be without being born. He thought I could possibly have a stomach bug but put me on a low dose of Terbutaline just in case. It has helped for the most part. I still have a couple contractions throughout the day but nothing timable. I do have to go back in tomorrow morning for an FFN test. It tests for some hormone or something that can tell if labor will occur sooner rather than later. If if comes back negative, the chances of labor within the next two weeks is highly unlikely. If if comes back positive, there is a great chance of going into labor within the next two weeks but not guaranteed, just a greater chance.
We also had an ultrasound yesterday afternoon. Baby girl is looking good. She is measuring at 33w5d so about a week and a half ahead and is about 4lbs 5oz. Great size! She is going to be a long one. Her head is super low but her butt is almost to my ribs and her legs are stretched across to the other side of my stomach. She has been like this for quite a few weeks, must be comfy! :)
Dr is hoping we make it to 35 wks. I'm hoping for 36-37. While I'd love for her to be here right now, she needs time to grow and get her lungs nice and mature. I guess we'll know a little more tomorrow. And hopefully, if the test comes back negative, I can stop taking the terbutaline. It's not the best drug in the world. :)

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Ter said...

here's hoping for the best!!! I can't wait to meet baby girl!