Monday, June 22, 2009

Kiley Sarah Grace

Our baby girl was born on June 15, 2009 at 5:46am. She was 6lbs 3.7oz and 19.25" long. She looks like her big sister and brother except she has dark hair instead of the platinum blonde. :) She came out screaming!!! It was a joyous sound. She was born at exactly 36wks...guess she does listen after all! :)

Here's the long version:

About 9:30p on Sunday (14th) I started getting contractions (again) but they felt a little different and started out at 5min apart. They weren't too bad at first and weren't too long but by midnite they were about 3-5 min apart, about 50-70sec long and fairly intense. Called up to L&D and was told to go in. We got to the hospital about 12:45am. I was about 4-5cm dilated. It seemed to take forever but I was able to get an epidural and it was a fantastic one. Got the funny "numb butt" again...could feel my legs and move them but couldn't really feel the contractions. Think it was about 2:30a or so when I got that. About 4am, the nurse checked and I was 7cm dilated so she checked with the dr and my water was broken. I wasn't really feeling anything except that baby girl was definitely lower than when we got to the hospital. The nurse came in about 5am and I was fully dilated and she could see the baby's head. She had me do a test push and immediately told me to stop so she could go call my regular dr and get the other people necessary for the birth. With each contraction I could feel the baby being pushed out. We were all ready to go about 5:20am and just had to wait for my dr. The nurses, the resident dr, the OB tech, Nathan and I just sat and chatted and joked, which wasn't nice b/c I couldn't laugh otherwise the baby would have been born. Finally the dr got there at 5:45am, said to go ahead and push, and Kiley was born one minute later. I don't think the dr realized how ready she was to be born. Lol!

I didn't think we could beat Rylan's easy birth but we did. Yay! And I only had to had 4 stitches this time. Yipee! Nathan likes to brag how awesome I am at giving birth. Lol!!

She was grunting for the first few hours and had a little trouble keeping her temp up so she was put into the warmer but no NICU time for her at all. By the evening on the 15th she was doing great and was in the room with me with no extra nurses attention.

We got to leave the afternoon of the 16th. Everyone seemed to think it was too soon or we were nuts but I has having no issues and Kiley was doing just fine so we wanted to get home.

Rylan is completely smitten with her. He smiles at her all the time. He loves to give her kisses and touch her hands and feet. He brings her her hat or blanket. He doesn't like getting his diaper changed but if Kiley is getting hers changed at the same time, he thinks it's the coolest thing in the world. He has held her a couple times and just loves it. He likes to point to her body parts too.

He did hit her in the head with a duck magnet a couple days ago but hasn't done anything else to hurt her or show any jealousy at all. We are very blessed to have such a great big brother in him. He is definitely going to be her protector.

I will try to update the photo link asap with pics of Kiley and new ones of Rylan.

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Ter said...

The long version isn't much longer than the short version. "I went in labor and out she came" lol ;)

I can't wait to meet your little girl! I keep saying I need to get my passport but I keep forgetting to actually do anything about it, so keep pestering me til I do.