Monday, June 1, 2009

34 wk update

I cannot believe I'm 34 wks already. Time really has flown (well not the last couple weeks...). The dr is keeping me on the terbutaline until baby girl comes or I hit 36 weeks. He did tell me the effects of the terb will lessen so it's not surprising I've been getting more contractions and painful ones than I was two weeks ago when I started it.
Dr isn't too worried about the contractions at this point b/c they aren't regular. If they do get to be regular, gotta call or go in.
I will go in twice a week from now on. Dr wants to keep a close eye on baby and me. :) Baby girl did pass her nst today but she was being a stinker!!! The nurse had trouble getting the pad thing to stay with the baby b/c everytime the baby moved, she would kick the pad and it wouldn't pick up her heartbeat. The dr came in and had to hold the pad in place to get what he needed to see. Well baby girl decided that it would be a great time to practice gymnastics! lol! Even the dr said she's gonna be a handful. :)
I'm glad the end is almost here. I love being pregnant and the other two pregnancies were super easy but this one has been super tough, physically and emotionally. I'm beyond ready to just have baby girl here alive.

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Ter said...


I know you're anxious but also you want her to cook as much as possible! I am looking forward to meeting this little girl someday! :) (and soon!)